1.Expert Command: We are a team of experts with more than ten years of experience!

2.One-stop service: Minimize certification cost and time.

3.Quick and convenient: We have professional customer service and technical staff to follow up the service model throughout the process.

4.Service standards: transparent process operation, strict charging standards, let you see at a glance!

5.Credit guarantee: We provide rectification forecast, increase the probability of guaranteeing the first pass of the product, and promise not to charge extra fees!

6.Achieving a win-win situation: Loyal practitioners of the concept of "common development and profit".

Customer testimonials

Have you all the way

01 Ten years of focus oncertification

1.Certified companies with high customer recognition

2.Served over 10,000 companies

3. Customers in various regions of the world

02 Save customerscycles

1. Estimate the product's structural quality in advance

2. Improve and perfect products according to standards

3. Complete the test and obtain the certificate report within a short period

03 Professionalcustomer service team

1. Comprehensive training of professional customer service team

2. Strong customer service team micro clients provide efficient services

3. Provide project progress and professional knowledge consultation anytime, anywhere

04 Cost savings forcustomers

1. Focus on customers, save certification costs for customers

2. Clear price, reasonable and transparent price

3. Free product certification solution

05 National laboratoryStable cooperation

1. Technical guidance for product development

2. Consultation and follow-up at any time during the test phase

3.Special channel after sales maintenance service

06 A cooperationLifetime service

1. Enjoy consultation and counseling services anytime, anywhere

2. Annual review counseling to optimize product quality

3.One-time cooperation to enjoy VIP service for life

About US

About us

Dongguan Keys Testing Technology Co ., Ltd. is a comprehensive, professional and international third-party testing service for consumer products. Currently, it has Beijing Office, Zhongshan Office and Jiangsu Office. The platform is engaged in product safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing and certification. , Chemical inspection, inspection of toxic substances in electrical and electronic products (RoHS), reliability testing, product EMC design and rectification, certification in various countries, ISO system guidance, skills training, etc. Now has world-class testing equipment, professional testing team, skilled certification counseling team. Lixiang testing laboratory is strictly managed in accordance with the ISO / IEC 17025 system standard and has been recognized by China CNAS. Obtained the Intertek authorized laboratory Eurofins authorized laboratory, the best cooperation laboratory of China Wilk Communication Laboratory.


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